Afghanistan row: Blinken told to resign for 'botched' withdrawal in heated Congress clash

During a ferocious hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee which saw Mr Blinken testify to Congress following the deadly US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Secretary of State was slammed by three furious Republican representatives who demanded he resign. One representative branded how due to the actions of Mr Biden’s administration, Afghanistan is now a “safe haven for murderous terrorists” before suggesting how the war on terror has now shifted to America. Despite the blistering attacks, Mr Blinken did not respond to their demands as he defiantly pushes on in his position.

Joe Wilson, Republican representative for South Carolina slammed how in the whole of “American history” American families have “never been at a greater risk of attack at home than today”.

He suggested: “The global war on terrorism is not over, it has been moved from abroad to American homes. 

“As the grateful father of an Afghanistan veteran, I especially see your actions as indefensible!”

Wilson went on to slam Joe Biden’s administration for pulling US troops out of Bagram Air Base, which was handed back to the Afghan government on July 1 before it was overtaken by the Taliban on August 15. 

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The Republican claimed how that decision was “directly responsible” for the horrific suicide bombing attack on Kabul airport which killed 182 people including 13 members of the US armed forces.

He added: “Your bizarre abandoning of Bagram Airfield led directly to 13 Marines murdered at Kabul. You should resign!”

Mr Blinken did not respond to Wilson’s call for resignation not mention the deaths of US service personnel he but thanked him for expressing his appreciation for US Foreign Service diplomats who assisted the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

He said: “Let me simply thank the member for his support for the men and women of the State Department.

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Mr Zeldin said how Blinken’s resignation “would be leadership” as he finished his brutal tirade.

While Republican Tennessee representative Tim Burchett also demanded a resignation over the catastrophe.

The last US soldiers left Afghanistan on August 30 2021 leaving control of the country in the hands of the Taliban after 20-years of intervention in the country.

The Taliban have now established an Islamic State and implemented strict Sharia law which will see horrific punishments carried out for small crimes, women ordered to wear full Burkha’s as well as the banning of all non-traditional music and entertainment. 

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