Alastair Campbell hands Keir Starmer blueprint to remove Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

Writing on Twitter, the former press secretary to Tony Blair called out the government for the alleged “No 10 Xmas party”, encouraging Labour to appoint an MP to campaign against the reported breach of the rules. He urged the opposition party to “create media and political pressure in every Tory seat”, calling the campaign “One Rule For Them. Them v Us.”

This comes as the Tory party are facing allegations of wrongdoing over reports that a party took place in Downing Street last Christmas, while much of the country was in lockdown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not denied the events took place but he did insist that no Covid rules were broken.

Mr Campbell urged voters and MPs to take part in a national campaign, by writing to their local MP to explain why they are angry about the alleged breach and then post their replies online.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “Hello @Twitter people … you may remember that at the time of Cummings/Barnard Castle I encouraged you to write to your MP (if a Tory) to explain why you were angry and demand to know their view/explanation.

“I strongly suggest you do the same again Re the No 10 Xmas party

“Point out the people in your circle who worked for the emergency services/cancelled weddings/couldn’t visit elderly relatives/died/couldn’t attend funerals/couldn’t visit elderly relatives/couldn’t visit family abroad/couldn’t see a GP/had operations cancelled

He went on to claim that some MPs are “sick of having to lie for a liar”.

He said: “Post their replies. On Cummings, the vast bulk took the cut and paste line from No 10 and the whips.

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“This time can I suggest you appoint an MP to make this a campaign.

“Do not give up demanding answers from No 10.

“Demand answers from every Tory MP and where appropriate every candidate.

“Create media and political pressure in every Tory seat.

“It’s a campaign- One Rule For Them. Them v Us”

At Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, Mr Starmer accused Johnson of “taking the British public for fools for following the rules”, adding: “The prime minister doesn’t deny there was a Downing Street Christmas party last year.

“He says no rules were broken. Both of those things can’t be true.”

The claims of a Downing Street party were originally reported by the Mirror, which quoted sources saying that “it was a Covid nightmare.”

According to the paper, around “40 or 50” people were said to have been crammed “cheek by jowl” into a medium-sized room in Number 10 for each of the two events.

The revelations came after top health chief Dr Jenny Harries warned that people should cut down on socialising this Christmas to curb future Covid surges.

But Mr Johnson later rejected the idea, saying: “We don’t want people to cancel such events.”

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