Alastair Campbell sparks fury by calling Boris Johnson 't***' in stunning outburst

The photograph shows Mr Johnson smiling as he chats to medical workers, although he is the only person in the scene who is not wearing a mask. Mr Campbell fumed on Twitter and wrote: “Kick the twat out of the hospital, though from government and indeed out of public life would be better still.” He was responding to a picture of Boris Johnson visiting a hospital where he was surrounded by medical workers.

In the photograph, Mr Johnson is the only person not wearing a mask.

Accompanying the photograph, the original poster of the tweet, Jim Pickard of the Financial Times, wrote the words, “mask, mask, mask, no mask, mask”.

The hospital that the Prime Minister visited has defended Mr Johnson after he was pictured without a mask.

The Northumbria NHS said: “Please be assured that infection prevention and control remains an utmost priority for our Trust.

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“However masks will be available if you do not have one.

“Please do not remove it unless advised to do so by a medical professional.

“Try to ensure you have no gaps in the sides of your face covering and avoid touching it.”

The Government removed the remaining lockdown restrictions on 19 July of this year.

That included the mandatory use of face-coverings on public transport and in enclosed public spaces.

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