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Aldi launches flat-bottomed Easter egg to eliminate tonnes of plastic

Aldi will launch its first flat-bottomed Easter egg next month. Its bottom is square instead of round so that less plastic can be used in its packaging.

Altogether, Aldi is updating six of its Easter egg lines to make them 100 per cent free from plastic.

Aldi UK’s Plastics and Packaging Director, Richard Gorman, said: “We’re committed to eliminating plastic wherever possible, and the changes to our Easter range are a great example of removing unnecessary plastic that we can all do without.

“We know our customers want to protect the environment, and it is changes like this that make all the difference,” he added.

Some of Aldi’s Easter egg range is available in stores now.

They include Aldi’s £3.99 Moser Roth Ripple Egg, the £7.99 Moser Roth Chocolate Lovers Duo Egg, and milkshake-shaped eggs worth £6.99 each.

Other eggs, such as the Giant Dragon Egg costing £9.99, will be on sale from March 7.

Beehive-shaped eggs decorated with chocolate bees will also be available on March 7, costing £14.99 each.

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