Alison Hammond: This Morning star spills all about her bizarre house-hunting habit

This Morning presenter Alison Hammond, 46, revealed she has a bizarre house-hunting habit that is likely shared with many of us. The TV star admitted she likes to book viewings for houses that cost upward of £10million just to see inside them, with no intention of buying.

Her fascination to have a snoop around luxury homes often takes her across the country, despite admitting she can’t afford half the properties she sees.

In a recent interview, the ITV legend described viewing houses online as an “obsession”, making her want to then see them in person and often ties viewings in when she travels for work.

“When I’m travelling the country, I will put in ‘current area’ and see what is on offer,” she explained.

“When I turn up to see the houses, they think I’m going to buy them because ‘it’s Alison Hammond off the telly and obviously she can afford it.'”

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But there’s parts of the coronavirus rules that Alison admits she would like to remain on-set, such as social distancing.

While they get on like a house on fire after being flung into the deep end presenting one the the UK’s biggest daytime shows, she confessed there’s just one thing that bothers her about her “on-screen husband”.

“He just wants to be glued to me!” Alison laughed in a recent interview.

“I quite like the two-metre rule because I look better at a distance.

“I normally love the way I look, but I sit next to Dermot and think, ‘B****y hell, I’m massive compared to you.’

“So I want him to stay over there because now we are able to stand closer together, it’s obvious how big I actually am.”

She chuckled: “I could put him in my pocket!”

Alison recently opened up about her weight and how she got rid of her gastric band after two years as she “wasn’t ready” for the drastic impact it had on her eating habits.

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