All Creatures Great and Small episode 6 cast: Who plays Mrs Donovan?

All Creatures Great and Small season two has reached the end of its journey, as episode six will be the last chapter. All the main cast will be returning again, but once more they will be joined by some new guest stars. Episode six of the Channel 5 series will leave fans wanting more, with a third season on the horizon.

Who is in the cast of episode six?

All Creatures Great and Small episode six, titled Home Truths, is set to be the most dramatic instalment yet of season two.

War is on everyone’s minds as Chamberlain heads to meet with Hitler to avert disaster.

Yet, it hasn’t stopped everyone’s personal problems, as the threat of war has inspired the group to make the most of the time they have.

Nothing gets in the way of business though, as this time the Alderson’s pregnant mare, Candy, needs emergency attention. has all the details on the cast of season two, episode six.

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Amy Nuttall – Phyllis Dalby

Returning for the second time this series, Amy Nuttall is making a last-minute appearance as Phyllis Dalby.

Phyllis will call upon James (played by Nicholas Ralph) to help her with a particular problem she is having with her cows.

Nuttall recently starred in the 2020 series Liar as Winnie Peterson but is best known for her role as Ethel Parks in Downtown Abbey.

She has also starred in New Tricks, Emmerdale, and Hotel Babylon.

Mrs Donovan – Frances Tomelty

For long-time fans of the James Herriot source material, they will already be familiar with Mrs Donovan.

Now played by Frances Tomelty, book fans have been wondering when the character would finally make an appearance in the series.

Mrs Donovan is a self-confessed animal healer, bringing with her a less traditional and scientific method of animal care.

Viewers may recognise Tomelty from the Amazon Prime series Catastrophe, where she played Carol.

The star is also known for Unforgotten, Casualty, and Peaky Blinders in the role of Bethany Boswell.

Maggie – Mollie Winnard

Mollie Winnard returns once again as Maggie, adding to her handful of appearances throughout the show.

Fans have been hoping she will get back together with Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) after the pair split in season one, with the two bumping into each other again in episode six of season two.

The barmaid initially took a shine to Tristan, but they decided to break up soon after the relationship began.

Winnard previously played Kayla Clifton in Coronation Street in 2018.

All Creatures Great and Small continues Thursday, October 21, at 9pm on Channel 5.

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