All live TV presenters are scared of being cancelled, says TV star

His former Good Morning Britain colleague Piers Morgan ended up leaving the show after comments he made about the Duchess of Sussex caused fury.

Admitting that even unintended remarks can have grave consequences, Ben believes you have to “thicken up and ignore it” as hostile reactions usually last just 24 hours.

Shephard said: “It is getting easier and easier to find yourself on the wrong side of the line, without trying as well.

“I think that we have always had this thing that if you are going to say it live ONTV, you have got to know what that will look like the next morning or if someone tweets it.We are all very conscious of that now.”

Shephard, 46, is a specialist live news presenter who has worked on GMTV as well as GMB – but he thinks “something has changed dramatically over the last few years”.

He continued: “We’re all very aware of it. “Suddenly, without realising, you find yourself saying something and you think, ‘That was never my intention. I can’t believe that has happened, why has that happened like that?'” Ben also revealed he was adored by the GMB crew during Piers’ time there – as he provided a break.

“He is a strong flavour Piers isn’t he?” Ben said.

“And I have always enjoyed his company but I never worked with him. So I would go in on a Thursday – Therapeutic Thursday as some would call it – and would never feel so loved.

“I had a lot of time for Piers.When he was working I was in bed and when he was not working everybody really liked me. And I have shared that with him on a number of occasions!”

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