Andy Murray receives hilarious fan gift after finding lost 'stinky' shoes in Indian Wells

“I was like, Well, they’re gone. I was going to file a police report to try to get them back or to increase my chance of getting them back. Anyway, I went and spoke to the hotel, explained to them that was what I was going to do.”

After explaining that the staff members took down Murray’s details, including details of the shoes, ring, and where exactly his car was parked, he said: “Yeah, about an hour later they turned up. One of the employees at the hotel found them in their lost and found.

“I was told that someone from the hotel obviously picked it up. And then they just didn’t see it in the lost property when I’d asked for it. That’s what they told me.

But I don’t know. I’ve not looked at the security footage with my own eyes to see exactly what happened with it.

“ But yeah, that was what I was told. But obviously I’d asked like four times the lost and found and the security and they didn’t have it. So thankfully, that turned up at the end.”

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