Angela Black betrayal as Ed pulls off horrifying double cross?

Angela Black fans will be tuning in for the new episode of the hit ITV drama on Sunday night to watch the titular character attempt to escape her abusive husband. Previously in the series, viewers saw Angela (played by Joanne Froggatt) cross paths with a mysterious individual named Ed (Samuel Adewunmi). While Ed has insisted he’s here to help Angela escape her husband, many viewers have grown suspicious of him. Could Ed be about to betray Angela as he pulls off a shocking double cross?

In a recent interview with and other press, Angela Black Executive Producer Sarah Hammond opened up about the character of Ed.

She detailed how Angela’s relationship with Ed may change as the series goes on.

Sarah explained: “Angela really has to trust him. She really has to trust him and you kind of have to sort of see him as a bit of a saviour at the beginning.

“Without giving too much away, obviously that does shift and change,” she revealed.

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Fans of the ITV drama have been sharing theories about Ed on Twitter, with many believing he’s going to double cross Angela.

“#AngelaBlack It’s going to be a double bluff isn’t it? The guy trying to ‘help’ her will be setting her up & gathering evidence that she’s plotting to kill her husband… Maybe he’ll kill him as revenge for something but she’ll get the blame. Sorted. #spoilerwarning,” @libertypup predicted.

@shazb01 added: “Reckon Ed is double bluffing her though #twistnturns #AngelaBlack.”

“Ed is part of setting Angela up. Angela will be charged with the girl in the office’s murder & Ed will be Olivier’s witness, saying she called him, took him to the murder location & so on. She has no back up & the children will swear she covered up the bunny’s death! #AngelaBlack,” @David76866940 theorised.

@AnnyTrish commented: “Don’t trust this Ed guy one bit. He’s definitely no innocent bystander here. Think she should be just as suspicious and careful of him, as she is of her abusive husband #AngelaBlack.”

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