Angela Black fans fume over 'anticlimax' ending to ITV drama 'Waste of six hours!'

The dark ITV drama saw titular character Angela (played by Joanne Froggatt) trying to escape the clutches of her controlling and abusive husband Olivier (Michiel Huisman) as he tried to get custody of their children and convince everyone his wife wasn’t of sound mind. Six episodes in, Olivier’s evil plan seemed to be working. In the concluding scenes though, Angela showed police officers CCTV footage of Olivier abusing her in their home, which eventually led to his downfall. Invested fans were furious with the outcome and claimed the show had “rushed” the ending.

As the final scenes played out and Angela regained custody of her two children while Olivier was sent to prison, viewers began to take to social media to slam the plot.

Twitter user @Xaviaxx wrote: “Absolute waste of 6 hours that could’ve been done much better in 2 #AngelaBlack.” (sic)

Stacey mirrored this sentiment, asking: “I don’t understand. If she had that CCTV  all along.. why have I had to watch six hours of this?”

Sína penned: “6 weeks ….. they put us through 6 weeks of this and rushed the ending and didn’t answer everything …. FFS #AngelaBlack.” (sic)

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“The whole series was a mess… and so disappointed with the ending #AngelaBlack,” Judy Johnson echoed.

Dave chimed: “Angela; this could have all been avoided if you literally showed them the CCTV after he choked you #angelablack.”

Thoth Legacy Fan comically commented: “Dear ITV please could you send me back the 6 hours of my life you owe me #AngelaBlack.” (sic)

Dollparts penned: “That was it? That was the brilliant plan? What an anticlimax #AngelaBlack.”

“#Angelablack was rushed, ridiculously far-fetched and that ending was pretentious.

“I guess it could be seen as an allegory of how hard it is to get out of an abusive situation but that could have been shown in a different way,” Leanne Thomas argued.

However, there was some support for how the drama ended, with Rach arguing: “#AngelaBlack WoW what a bloody good 6 weeks watching this…

“I wasn’t expecting that ending but absolutely loved it… Well done all who were in it… Now to look forward to next Sunday #ImACeleb.”

And Heather also agreed: “#AngelaBlack – Well that’s my Sunday hour of tension over. Good ending.”

Throughout the series, it was indicated that Olivier had thought of everything in order to stop Angela from being able to prove anything against him.

She ended up being sectioned after her husband portrayed her as being out of her mind.


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During the last episode, Angela collected her children from school despite not having custody and escaped to Wales until her manipulative husband managed to track them down.

He took their two sons and it was at this point Angel hatched a plan to set her husband up with the help of Theo Walters (Samuel Adewunmi).

Theo had been used by Olivier before to help him convince authorities Angela was insane.

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