Angela Rayner humiliated as Labour confronted on failing support 'You're still struggling'

Angela Rayner was questioned on Labour’s plans for the annual party conference set to kick off on Saturday morning. During the interview, BBC Breakfast host John Kay noted support for Labour has continuously fallen behind the Conservatives despite Boris Johnson’s party being in power for over 10 years. Mr Kay said: “I say it’s a big conference, an important conference for Labour for Keir Starmer, in particular, as your boss, as your leader.

Why aren’t you, as a party, aren’t you doing better? You’ve have the Conservatives in power for more than a decade, taxes going up, we’re talking about prices going up.

“In this situation, and after this long of any party in power, you’d expect the Opposition to be making hay.

“But you’re struggling still, aren’t you?”

Ms Rayner admitted Labour had work to do as she took a dig at Mr Johnson’s party for “under delivering” on its electoral pledges.

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Labour’s deputy leader said: “Well, I think we’re making progress but we have a long way to go.

“We lost the General Election in 2019, I think people are starting to realize Boris Johnson is all bluster and he’s failed to deliver on many of the promises he made to the electorate.

“The problem with the Labour Party is we always underpromise and overdeliver.

“The problem with the Conservatives is they over promise and underdeliver.”

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“We do think it’s about time that we have these minimum standards because we’ve seen this epidemic of insecure work and low pay, which is causing a crisis and vacancies in things like social care.”

The deputy Labour leader added: “It delivers poorer services and those employers are now finding it incredibly difficult to retain the staff that they need and to skill them up.

“This is part of that programme to enable employers to get the skills they need, but also means that workers can have that guarantee and those reassurances, and it’s about a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.”

Ms Rayner also urged people not to panic-buy amid ongoing shortages of drivers bringing fuel stock to stations.

She said: “The Government does need to address this issue but it has been a long time coming – we know that lorry and HGV drivers are skilled workers.

“This was coming down the tracks and the Government haven’t done anything to address it, and now we face this crisis.”

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