Anna Soubry launches furious attack on 'bag carrier' Dorries after Boris reshuffle

The former Tory MP and staunch Remainer said the appointment represented everything that is “wrong and rotten about this Prime Minister’s stewardship of this country.” Mr Johnson carried out a major reshuffle of his Cabinet on Wednesday, which saw several prominent ministers lose their jobs. Among the big losers were Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and Educational Secretary Gavin Williamson.

Mr Raab was moved to the Justice Department and replaced by Liz Truss at the Foreign Office.

Mr Williamson suffered the ignominy of being sacked from the Cabinet and saw his ministerial portfolio handed to Nadhim Zahawi.

The reshuffle also saw Nadine Dorries, a former minister of health, assume the mantle of Culture Secretary from Oliver Dowden.

The promotion left Ms Soubry, who quit the Tory Party in 2019 to form Change UK, dumbfounded and seething with contempt.

Appearing on BBC Newsnight on Wednesday, she called the appointment “appalling” and claimed that Ms Dorries was not even good enough to make it as a “bag carrier” in either David Cameron’s or Thersa May’s governments.

“The appointment of Nadine Dorries actually says everything that is wrong and rotten about this Prime Minister’s stewardship of this country because it is an appalling appointment,” she said.

“She never made it even as a bag carrier in either David Cameron or Theresa May’s cabinet and she was not in government at all and for very good reason and that is because she is not up to the job.

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The 64-year-old, a vocal supporter of Brexit, becomes the 10th Culture Secretary in 10 years.

Ms Soubry said the public wanted to see politicians with “big ideas” who can solve the triple crises facing the country – Brexit, Covid and climate change.

In a withering assessment of the new Cabinet, she told Emily Maitlis: “When you look at this Cabinet, I struggle to find anybody in it who can match up to what this country needs at the moment.”

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