Anne Hegerty hits back at claims she's a millionaire after success on The Chase

Anne Hegerty, 63, has denied claims she has gained the coveted title of being a millionaire. The Chaser hit headlines recently when filed accounts reportedly showed she had earned over one million pounds in the last two years.

Anne then addressed what she does spend her money on.

The Governess star said: “I am doing okay, I own a flat in Manchester, and I am renting a house in Watford.

“That’s basically my expense.

“I drive a Honda Jazz, which is seven years old.”

Anne then compared her modest choice of vehicle to that of her co-star Mark Labett, who is also known as The Beast on the show.

This is understandable, as Anne has a very busy schedule filming The Chase.

Later this year, she will also be playing villain Mrs Blundermore in a pantomime production of Jack and the Beanstalk.

While the pantomine is running, she will have two days off a week, and fortunately, these are days The Chase is filming.

Anne’s comments about her net worth come after The Sun reported Anne’s financial wealth, with precise figures of the Chaser’s earnings.

They reported that books for her firm, Frosty Knickers Ltd, had a cash surplus of £459,373.

The figures also revealed she had a Corporation Tax Bill of around £200,000 for the last two years, bringing her income to over one million.

When asked about how she felt about her wealth being discussed, the star said: “I don’t mind.

“I find the British are far too coy about money.”

You can catch Anne on The Chase every weekday at 5pm or on Beat the Chasers on a Saturday at 8.30pm

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