‘Anything not burnt’: Campers’ favourite camping meals are in – what to eat on staycation

Camping is a very popular holiday option, with many Britons staying in the country and making the most of the great British outdoors. With food one of the most important aspect of a successful trip, campers are sharing their favourite meals on social media.

He said: “Why is it I can only stand instant mash when camping. All other times, it is absolutely foul.”

Steve Morgan wasn’t picky, saying: “Anything not burnt!”

Incredibly popular were curries, pancakes and chilli and rice.

Some Facebook users were fans of easy meals.


Sarah Mullins Tutin said: “Pot noodle, curry flavour.”

While Matthew James wrote: “Can of Stella and a hotdog!”

A drink and something meaty was a popular option, with Maggie Vee saying: “Bacon buttie and a bbq later with a can or two.”

A full English, beans and a takeaway were also mentioned multiple times.

He said: “Tins of beans and tins of rice pudding because you can eat them straight from the tin if the fire goes out.”

Stu Gilbert was a fan of tinned potatoes: “Stewing steak and tinned potatoes.”

While Mike Prior wasn’t a fan of cooking: “Indian takeaway…”

Lance Cowdery, however, believed the best was to make the most of the outdoors.

He said: “Couple Mackerel, from the sea to the BBQ in 15 minutes, don’t get any fresher than that.”

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