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Apple cider vinegar: How much apple cider vinegar should you drink a day?

Does ACV actually work?

There isn’t enough research to say apple cider vinegar is a miracle cure, but the studies that do exist are positive. 

Dr Lee said: “There is a paucity of research in the use of ACV. The few studies which do exist are only small.

“Although ACV may have health benefits, much more research is required before we can be sure of this.

“There’s also no quick fix for health. Don’t rely solely on ACV.

“All those other factors such as eating healthily, and taking regular physical exercise, are the mainstay of good health. If you don’t get these right ACV is most unlikely to benefit your health.

“If you choose to take ACV, don’t expect instant results. The benefits of ACV on weight loss are small and you may not see any difference for at least 12-weeks. You are also unlikely to lose weight with ACV unless you restrict calories and exercise.”

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