Australia chaos: Melbourne anti-lockdown protesters smash through police line – VIDEO

Furious anti-lockdown protesters were filmed violently attacking police as tensions boiled at the anti-lockdown rally. Melbourne Police were forced to the ground, beaten and thrown around by protesters as they were totally overwhelmed by thousands unleashing chaos. Police can be seen to hit back with harsh capsicum spray but the efforts yielded little defence against the rampaging crowds.

Swarms of protesters can be seen fighting armoured police as they push through a cordon following a protest against lockdowns.

A pack of protesters then appear to form a battering ram formation as they charge down police to break the line.

But they are met with what appears to be hand-held water canon and capsicum spray as the first line of protesters are taken out in a horrific exchange of fire.

However, the police attempts are rendered useless as protesters push on through the line as police are barged out the way and trampled as the demonstrators wreak havoc.

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Violent clashes then erupt as police drag protesters to the floor as thousands stampede through charging away as the demonstration becomes totally uncontrollable.

While some protesters can be seen tackling and beating up cops as others are arrested, and handcuffed by police as droves of protesters push forward to escape the cordon.

Thousands then appear to head up the road away from the police as the cops give up on holding back the crowd.

Police can be seen to continue spraying furious protesters with the nasty spray, a form of pepper spray which stings and has the same properties as hot chilli peppers.

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It comes as earlier this week a man was filmed horrifically beating up two policewoman in Sydney’s Bankstown district after they asked him to go home as they enforced the country’s strict lockdown rules.

The man then launches a crazed attack as he can be seen furiously kneeing and punching a police offer as she desperately tries to defend herself – he was later arrested but went on to attack more officers at the police station.

The violent scenes come as Australians in New South Wales, where Sydney is located, enter their thriteenth-week of hardline lockdown restrictions as the authorities try to prevent the spread of the Delta variant.

Citizens are banned from leaving their home unless they have a “reasonable excuse” as the region enforces draconian lockdown restrictions despite a growing backlash from the public. People are also banned from gathering in public spaces as the authorities grow concerned about variant transmission despite recording a low number of cases.

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