BBC bias: David Lammy interview with Sally Nugent slammed 'Should be impartial!'

David Lammy spoke to BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent from the Labour Party Conference in Brighton on Wednesday. The Shadow Business Secretary answered questions on the opposition’s vision for the future but BBC viewers weren’t happy with the interview and took to Twitter to slam the broadcaster.

Nugent said: “There’s a series of developments going on in the country I’m just going to go through them with you now.

 “We’ve got the end of furlough coming, rising energy and fuel costs, food prices going up, the NHS under the biggest strain that we’ve ever seen and the biggest deficit in peacetime. 

“How come today Sir Keir Starmer will stand in front of conference and basically make a speech for his job. 

“Why is Labour not doing better? Why are people not looking at the opposition and thinking there is a chance here, thinking you’re a stronger contender than you are?”

“He’s fixing some of the issues that the British people asked us to fix,” Lammy continued. 

“Don’t look inward, look outward. Don’t air your dirty linen in public, please bring the clothes in from the line, please set a course for this country.

“That is what he’s doing – it’s about winning, it’s about the future, it’s about responsiveness to the issues that are being raised by the British people.”

BBC Breakfast viewers weren’t impressed with Nugent’s interview with Lammy and slammed the exchange on Twitter. 

@kazbu49 tweeted: “Why do BBC Breakfast always ask Labour MP’s questions about issues in the country as if they are in charge, not the Tories? #BBCBreakfast.”

@UniteWm5106 added: “Fabulous interview @DavidLammy. If anyone was in any doubt about the Tory bias on @BBCBreakfast @sallynugent look no further than the interview this morning. 

“Government ministers must relish having their bellies tickled by the ‘impartial’ @BBCNews.”

Replying to a @BBCBreakfast tweet that asked: “Why is Labour not doing better?” @johnflomax wrote: “Because @bbcnews go easy on the ruling party?”

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