BBC Presenter Deborah James rushed to hospital with 'sceptic infection' amid cancer battle

Deborah James, 40, has explained her silence on social media today, as she revealed that on Wednesday she was rushed to A&E by her husband, Sebastien Bowen. The BBC presenter shared she had been suffering from a sceptic infection which had caused her a great deal of agony amid her bid to have “a break” from ”hideous cancer treatment” side effects.

She typed: “Apologies for being quiet on here but it turns out I’m pretty ill at the moment. All your messages have brought a smile to my face at a really tough time. 

“I’m using all my energy to recover and today is the first day I’ve felt able to give you an update. Despite so desperately wanting a break from these hideous cancer treatment side effects, it seemed my body had other ideas. 

“On Wednesday I was admitted with what we now know was another septic infection. I was so ill my incredible husband had to blue light me quickly to A&E. 

“This time all my bowel issues have come to a head and I’m currently dealing with a condition called infectious colitis. Essentially I have a bacterial gut infection that is causing colitis – (bowel inflammation) and is also in my bloodstream,” she added.

Deborah shared she was feeling “weak” at this moment in time, as she is trying hard to get better but is finding it difficult.

The BBC host continued: “I never knew you could poo so much in the space of five minutes!. And I look about 8 months pregnant! 

“I’m being looked after well, pumped continually full of antibiotics and fluids but of course feel incredibly weak and tired from no sleep. 

“Whilst I’ve always wanted to show every side of cancer, right now living through this all is hard and isn’t something I want even my kids to be witness to.”

She thanked her fans for helping her get through this difficult period as she hoped things “continued to improve”.

Deborah said: “I’m just getting through it day by day, second by second and my family have been incredible at rallying around to support. I’m making slow progress and hoping things continue to improve. 

“Anyway, I thought I’d update you all as I know so many of you have kindly flooded my inbox with, ‘Are you ok?’ Messages which I haven’t been able to respond to. 

“As always I really just want to thank you for all the support and virtual hugs you give to me but hopefully you now understand why I’ll be a bit quiet on here for the moment.

“Keep telling those close to you that you love them. Having good health is such a blessing – never take it for granted. “

Before her diagnosis, she was an ambitious deputy headteacher who’d been brought in to turn around a failing comprehensive in Surrey. 

It meant she and her banker spouse were usually stressed and barely saw each other.

 “It was a classic case of our marriage coming last,” she said.

Sebastien moved out in 2015 and they embarked on an initially “acrimonious” divorce, both hiring lawyers and starting to see other people. 

In November 2016, they made “a big step” and got back together, only for Deborah to receive her shock diagnosis soon after.

“No one thought 35-year-old vegetarian runners got bowel cancer,” she told Daily Mail.

“Everyone assumed it was something that old, meat-eating men got.”

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