BBC QT: Alastair Campbell laments Boris Johnson's lack of 'moral compass' amid MPs sleaze

As the audience wondered about the recent controversy regarding MPs, including Owen Paterson, who have other jobs while in office, Alastair Campbell said it all comes down to who set the example for the Conservative MPs; the Prime Minister. “If the Prime Minister consistently, regularly, breaks the ministerial code, why shouldn’t other Ministers think that they can do exactly the same and get away with it?” he asked.

He then listed Priti Patel, Michael Gove and Matt Hancock as examples of MPs who had supposedly breached the code.

“We sadly, in my view, have elected a Prime Minister who has no moral compass whatsoever.

“Until the Conservative Party face up to the fact that he is not a trivial man as Keir Starmer has said, but actually a bad man, and until people face up to that, this country’s politics is going to be damaged, possibly beyond repair.”

Mr Campbell also says he found it humiliating to see Boris Johnson stand up at COP26 saying “Britain is not a corrupt country.”

The former spin doctor to Prime Minister Tony Blair mentioned a viral video released by campaigner and lawyer Peter Stefanovic which he claims exposes “7 lies” told by Boris Johnson at the despatch box.

As a response to the video, Green MP Caroline Lucas wrote a letter signed by five other parliamentary party leaders urging the Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, to allow a vote on an inquiry into Johnson’s “consistent failure to be honest” in statements to MPs.

She highlighted the danger of the “normalisation of lying to the house.”

In their letter, the six MPs expressed their “deep concern” that the PM’s alleged repeated failure to be truthful is damaging the reputation of the Commons.

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Figures of the Conservative Party such as Rishi Sunak have released statements regarding the MP’s two jobs controversy.

“We do have established independent parliamentary processes that govern all of these things and it’s absolutely right that those are followed to the letter,” he told the BBC.

“Reflecting on all of these things over recent days, for us as a Government, we need to do better than we did last week and we know that.”

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