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BBC QT: Audience member snaps at Fiona and defends Boris over ‘unfair’ comments

NewsBBC QT: Audience member snaps at Fiona and defends Boris over ‘unfair’ comments

The BBC Question time, which airs every Thursday night, saw an interesting conversation between the audience members and the panellists regarding the Tories, just hours before the results of the local elections began to trickle in. While a host of the audience members blamed the Government for not tackling the cost of living situation well, one of the members disagreed and snapped back at host Fiona Bruce with his opinion.

He told the panel: “I think we are being rather unfair to the Government. Mr Johnson, when he was Mayor of London, was asked about receiving a £250000 income on the side of being mayor and described that as piffling.

“We have Chancellor of the Exchequer who’s got non-Dom issues going on in his family because he has to maximise his income and we have a Health Minister who I think at some stage in his life is also a non-Dom, in order to ensure that his taxes, that he maximised his income.

“I think what you said was, we mustn’t blame the public, we must look at the Government. We mustn’t look at the Government.

“This Government was perfectly honest about who they were and about the money they have got and the way they spend it. It’s our fault for putting them there.”

Political parties are arguing over living costs ahead of local elections in England, Wales and Scotland, and for Northern Ireland’s government.

Inflation is at a 30-year high of seven percent, driven upwards by surging food and energy prices, and is expected to rise further later this year.

The Government has announced a council tax rebate and repayable discount on energy bills, but is facing calls to go further now to help with costs.

It has also come under criticism over the 3.1 percent rise in the state pension and other benefits that are not keeping pace with inflation.

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“We have got so many charity shops, we have got so much more food banks and yet we don’t see this in the rest of Europe. Why are we suffering like this when the Government could be doing a lot more?”

BBC Question time, hosted by Fiona Bruce from Walsall, featured Tory MP Damian Green, Labour MP Louise Haigh, businessman Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, political correspondent Charlotte Ivers and screenwriter Jack Thorne.

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