BBC star Nicky Campbell breaks down in tears live on air as he quits 5Live Breakfast show

Nicky Campbell presented his last BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast show on Friday after taking over from Julian Worricker in 2003. Rachel Burden tributed his stint on the breakfast show with a montage of his greatest moments as Mr Campbell thanked his co-presenter for the support she had shown him through the years. The BBC host said: “You said to me the other day when we arrived at yours, we were staying for the weekend…I said it gets hard, getting up.

“What time do you get up?”

As Ms Burder responded “half three”, Mr Campbell continued: “I said, you’ve got so much going on in your life, getting up at half three every day and I said, ‘what’s it like, that first moment when you wake up?’

“Because everyone who has to wake up early understands that feeling. And you said, ‘my first feeling is oh my God and the second feeling is I have the best job in the world.’

“And that’s what keeps us going. And you’ve been such an amazing friend.”

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The BBC R5 Live presenter became emotional as he looked at Ms Burden for her reaction to his tribute to their friendship and tried to hold back the tears as his voice cracked.

Mr Campbell added: “There have been times when I’ve come in here and things have been terrible in my life and I said, ‘you’re going to have to do this today.’ And you’ve done it.

“You know what matters to see? 5 foot 11 and three quarters, and you’ve never forgotten that.”

Ms Burden replied: “As we have always said, Nicky, we’re there to paper over the cracks for each other.

“And we’ve just about done that. Sometimes the cracks slightly burst through but I loved every single minute of it and I’m going to miss you, hugely.”

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