BBC Weather: Europe turning 'much colder' as temperatures fall alongside heavy rain

BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor noted how Europe will experience a chilly as temperatures plummet. Parts of Scandinavia will continue to have snowfall while other areas of central and northern Europe will feel cold air as temperatures drop. In addition, there will be heavy rain in this part of Europe with strong gales.

In southeast Europe, it will be sunny and warm with rain ahead for the weekend.

Mr Taylor said: “After that warm enough start to the week across parts of central Europe, it is turning much colder now.

“There is an area of low pressure that is pushing its way eastwards.

“It will be bringing some very strong winds on the southern edge of it overnight and into Friday.

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“There will be frequent showers and rough seas in parts of Denmark into northern parts of Norway.

“It is spreading increasingly into across northern parts of Poland and southern Sweden too.

“There will be significant snowfall towards the north of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The BBC Weather forecaster went on to explain the situation in southeastern Europe.

“Much of Iberia will be dry as is much of southern France.

“Across the low countries, Germany through to Poland the rain will continue.

“Temperatures will also be below average.”

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