BBC's Adam Fleming warns Starmer hecklers protest to strengthen Labour leader

BBC’s chief political correspondent Adam Fleming praised Keir Starmer’s speech at Labour’s annual conference, saying he saw a more “emotional” Labour leader. He also believed that the hecklers disrupting Sir Keir’s speech may have actually played into his hands and strengthened his performance.

The chief political correspondent said: “You know what, it’s making me think of the new James Bond film- we’ve had to wait a few years for it to finally arrive. 

“It’s quite long but it’s going to get good reviews.”

The host responded: “Did Keir Starmer show himself to be a prime minister in waiting?”

Mr Fleming said: “We saw a funnier Keir Starmer, a Keir Starmer who is better at rhetoric.

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“We saw a more emotional Keir Starmer.

“So we definitely learned a lot more about him, and we saw him handle those hecklers pretty well.

“And I think he and his team will actually be counterintuitively really pleased that he got heckled because you know what it does- It dramatises the fight he’s been having behind the scenes at this conference all week.” 

He continued: “Which is to push out what he would call the far-left, the supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.


He also hit out at the government and referenced his parents throughout.

He said: “It’s easy to comfort yourself that your opponents are bad people, but I don’t think Boris Johnson is a bad man, I think he is a trivial man

“I think he’s a showman with nothing left to show, I think he’s a trickster who has performed his one trick.” 

The Labour leader also promised that Labour will “always fund the NHS properly”.

He added: “Labour will guarantee that support will be available in less than a month.”




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