BBC's Tomasz Shafernaker left reeling at Andrew Marr's comments 'Far from dull!’

Andrew Marr gave weather reporter Tomasz Schafernaker an unusual introduction on Sunday’s instalment of The Andrew Marr Show. The presenter bluntly described the weather as “dull” before introducing Tomasz onto the BBC programme. However, the meteorologist was quick to share good news about the weather after the awkward introduction.

Andrew began: “Normally I try to think of something interesting to say at this point.

“But, the truth is the weather has been a bit dull and it’ll probably carry on being dull over the next week as well.

“Sorry about that. Over to Tomasz Schafernaker in the weather studio,” he said.

“Well, thank you Andrew for that marvellous introduction,” Tomasz said, laughing off Andrew’s remarks.

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