Beat The Chasers backlash: Viewers furious over repeat episode 'Absolute disgrace'

ITV bosses aired a repeat instalment of Beat The Chasers on Saturday night, which left its fans disappointed as they had hoped to tune in to an all-new episode. Many viewers took to Twitter to complain about the rerun airing during “primetime”, while others only realised it was an old episode when they noticed the newest Chaser Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis was missing from the line-up. 

During the episode, host Bradley Walsh welcomed contestant, Val Brown, from West Sussex, onto the stage. 

Sadly, the bubbly contestant got her second question wrong, and in her quick-fire round against the Chasers, she took the three-Chaser offer for £10,000 rather than playing for her own cash builder pot of £1,000. 

Despite her 20 second advantage, Chasers Mark Labbett, Anne Hegerty and Shaun Wallace beat her with just a second remaining.

Val, who missed out on winning a whopping £10,000, may have triggered fans’ memories who soon sussed out the episode was a repeat. 

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Grace commented: “Why am I actually so upset that Darragh isn’t on #BeatTheChasers, it’s because it’s a repeat…” 

Paul Simpson, who wasn’t aware the episode was a repeat at first, tweeted: “#BeatTheChasers How come there is no social distancing on this awful Chasers programme?”

David added: “Hubby [has been] watching Beat The Chasers and is confused why there is a full audience.”

ITV’s most popular game show The Chase remains a favourite amongst viewers, however, the spin-off series has proven just as popular.

Beat The Chasers returned to the channel earlier this year for a fourth series which included six Chasers. 

Only five episodes were filmed for series four of Beat The Chasers, and the last episode of the series aired on Saturday, October 9. 


During the latest series, Bradley was left speechless after a contestant defeated the Chasers and won an amazing £90,000. 

Episodes of Beat The Chasers can now be watched on ITVHub.

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