Below Deck: Captain Lee slams 'most dislikable' guests 'Don't want them on my boat again'

Bravo’s chaotic sailing series returned for another charter last month, and Captain Lee and the My Seanna crew have already met the passengers from hell. The Below Deck mainstay updated his long-running blog after the dust settled last week, and had some harsh words for Michael Durham and his guests’ drunken antics. 

Captain Lee took to his Captain’s Log last week and described My Seanna’s latest party of guests as the ‘most dislikable’ in the show’s history. 

Things got out of hand during the luxury superyacht’s most recent charter as a night of drinking spiralled into a huge row. 

Ship stewards Fraser Olender and Eddie Lucas were forced to step in when a furious argument erupted between Justin Richards and Terri Augustyn. 

The guests were still shouting and swearing at each other by the end of the episode, leaving Captain Lee and his crew exhausted and thoroughly unimpressed.

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After witnessing the antics on board, the long-running captain slammed Michael and his party of unruly guests on his personal blog. 

He wrote: “I have done probably hundreds of charters. Some were great, some not so much. 

“But in all that time, I do not recall a group that I had more dislike for than this bunch.” 

Captain Lee was briefly replaced by Captain Sean Meagher after a stint in hospital left him unavailable for the first few episodes of the new season.

My Seanna’s long-suffering Captain reminded his readers he hailed from the famously polite state of Michigan, otherwise his language may have been much harsher. 

He added: “I do hope I don’t have the displeasure of having these people on my boat again, unless they make a miraculous recovery during the 2nd half of their charter.”

Captain Lee went on to post a tribute to chief stew Heather Chase, who he thought handled the situation as well as she could.

“Heather, sorry you and your interior crew were subjected to the harsh treatment by the guests,” he wrote.

“But I thought that you handled it well all things considered.”

“I also feel you are up to the task of handling your own crew, so I’m going to let you have your head and see where this goes. I have utmost faith in you, so please carry on.” 

Hopefully, the My Seanna is headed for calmer waters as season nine goes on, and Captain Lee and the crew can put this particularly nasty incident behind them.

Below Deck season 9 continues Mondays on Bravo. Episodes are available a week early on Peacock.

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