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Best fighter jets in world: Top war planes ranked as Ukraine launches bid to defend skies

WorldBest fighter jets in world: Top war planes ranked as Ukraine launches bid to defend skies

Ukraine has launched a ‘Buy me a fighter jet’ campaign online for donations to its war effort against Russia’s ongoing invasion, it emerged last week. The country’s military is crowdfunding to buy war planes, which it says cost an average of $25million (£19.2million). The US, the UK and other NATO countries have been reluctant to meet Kyiv’s demands for fighter jets, and so far have limited their support to humanitarian aid and other military supplies.

France’s Rafale jet made by Dassault, which is similar to the Typhoon, placed at number seven.

Next up on the list is the Boeing F-15EX Eagle II, the latest incarnation of the highly respected American jet.

At number five is the Shenyang FC-31, a jet that is predominantly only used in China, where it was developed.

Number four on the list is the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, an American fighter jet purpose-built for its stealth.

Its superior design was considered too advanced to be used by other nations, so it is only used by the US Air Force.

The highest ranked fighter jet of the year is the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, which is considered the most advanced in the world.

More than 750 of the planes have been built and are in service in 11 countries across the globe.

The fifth-generation jet is not as fast or manoeuvrable as some of its predecessors, however, it is strides ahead in other areas.

The aircraft uses an array of computers and sensors to analyse information on the battlefield.

The Ukrainian military launched its campaign to buy new fighter jets with a video of a personal plea from a pilot.

Standing in front of destroyed equipment, the pilot looks directly at the camera and says: “buy me a fighter jet.”

He adds: “It will help me to protect my sky filled with Russian planes that bomb my land, kill my friends, and destroy our homes and everything I have ever known.

“You have a chance to stop it. Give us wings to fight for our sky.”

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