Best UK county for camping and outdoors activities named – which one came top?

The summer holidays may be over but it does not mean exploring the country has to end. There are plenty of opportunities to go outside and enjoy the country during the colder months.

While most of the UK is fantastic for outdoors activities, some counties are better than others and offer more trails, campsites, natural features and even skiing slopes to enjoy.

North Yorkshire was crowned the best county with almost 3,000 outdoor activities to try.

While the northern county doesn’t boast ski slopes or mountains, it more than makes up for it with 13 lakes, 530 campsites, 247 horse riding trails, over a thousand mountain bike trails and 884 walking trails.

The county was also found to be the best for camping.

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Britons in search of outdoors activities are spoiled for choice, with so many options all over the UK.

The second best county for outdoors activities was the Highlands.

The Scottish county has 850 walking trails, four skiing slopes, 309 lakes 56 high mountains.

However, it only has 99 campsites.


In third place was Cumbria.

The county is home to the Lake District and its famous lakes and walking trails.

It is the county with the most trails (a thousand) and also has two skiing slopes, 21 lakes and four high mountains.

The best counties for walking are Cumbria and Cambridge, with over a thousand trails each.

Wales has eight high mountains, most in Snowdonia, while Northern Ireland only has Slieve Donard, which stands at 850 metres.

The research, conducted by outdoors expert Millets, looked at locations all over the UK and came up with the ultimate list of best counties Britons should head to for their outdoorsy activities this autumn.

Best UK counties for outdoors activities

1. North Yorkshire
2. Highland
3. Cumbria
4. Aberdeenshire
5. Perth and Kinross
6. Staffordshire
7. Derbyshire
8. Scottish Borders
9. Shropshire
10. West Sussex

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