Bitter EU ‘holding up’ UK place on £81bn scheme as it throws toys out pram over Article 16

“Yet even at the eleventh hour, our future involvement in the next iteration of this invaluable research funding source remains cloaked in doubt.”

Ms Gabriel said the UK would be associated with the programme through a research cooperation protocol.

But she made clear the UK’s application would “take time” and have to be “fully evaluated.”

She stressed the European Commission were “completing internal procedures to be able to adopt the [research cooperation] protocol as soon as possible.”

Ms Gabriel also made clear: “Questions tied to the protocol on Northern Ireland are also being tackled.”

The European Commission has ongoing negotiations with 18 countries that have expressed their wish to join the £81billion programme.

Some 15 countries including the UK are already associated with Horizon Europe’s predecessor, Horizon 2020.

A European Commission spokesman said the Commission’s “internal procedures are ongoing” to the UK’s accession to the programme.

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