'Boot the bureaucrats back to Brussels!' Britons tell EU to 'do their worst' after threat

The European Union has threatened to respond with “drastic measures” should Lord David Frost choose to trigger Article 16. The triggering of Article 16 would mean that either side of the divide – whether that be the UK or the EU – would be able to override large parts of the agreement, should no changes take place.

On Wednesday, there were new proposals for change put forward by the EU.

European Commission vice president Maros Sefcovic put forward the measures which included the slashing of 80 percent of regulatory checks.

As well as this, the measures also included a plan to cut customs processes on the movement of goods between Britain and the island of Ireland.

However, the issue with this deal for the UK lies in who acts as the final arbitrator in any future trade.

As part of the proposals, the European Court of Justice would remain the final arbitrator, however, the UK wants this to be removed – something which the EU has refused to allow.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Mr Sefcovic had told EU diplomats that he was not afraid to retaliate against the UK if they were to trigger Article 16.

Although Mr Sefcovic has not declared what measures would be taking, it seems like the EU would not lie down to anything which would come their way from the UK.

But Britons were quick to tell the EU to send any measures the UK’s way – as they believe the UK will be able to handle it.

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Another reader sent a message to the EU, telling them to do their “worst”.

They wrote: “Go on, do your worse. You don’t frighten us.

“Let us go all-out trade war and see where that leaves your £90billion trade surplus.

“No more fishing licences within 12 miles of the UK shoreline.

“Not another fish caught in our waters, 100,000 jobs gone in the German car manufacturing industries. Have a nice day.”

ValBroker wrote: “What she means is if the UK refuses to allow the EU to stomp on the UK, the EU will cut its nose off to spite its face?

“There are no measures the EU can inflict on the UK that will not harm the EU more.”

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