Boris Johnson called on to stand up to China 'bullying' at UN and recognise Taiwan

The Henry Jackson Society’s Sam Armstrong has called on Boris Johnson’s Government to recognize the Republic of China government in Taiwan in the face of mounting Chinese aggression towards the Western-allied island nation. The United Kingdom does not recognize the Republic of China and though diplomatic ties have been forged on an unofficial basis. Mr Armstrong argued the platform provided by the UN Assembly meeting in New York was the right time to stand up to China’s “bullying” over Taiwan.

Mr Armstrong told “Around the world, there are opportunities for us to help the people we should and the British people would support.

“Now there is no better an opportunity than with the UN General Assembly meeting and Taiwan having been excluded.

“Now anybody on Earth can recognise that Taiwan is a country.

“It’s got a currency, it’s got a flag, a president, a functional system of government.”

“In fact, it is one of our closest allies,” he continued.

“Yet just because Beijing bullies us out of it we don’t even recognise it as a country and nor does the UN.

“They are excluded from meeting at the UN Assembly. 

“If there is one thing the UK Government should do it is to stand up. 

“For Boris Johnson to stand up and in front of the world and say this Taiwan is a country, it is our friend and we will not be bullied by anybody, no nobody on who we do and do not recognise.

Mr Armstrong added: “Taiwan stood with us, helped us during the Covid outbreak, and now is our time to give Taiwan a voice too.”

Earlier this month, Mr Armstrong discussed the Chinese ownership of key UK infrastructure with Richard Tice on TalkRADIO, and warned that China “increasingly wishes us harm.”

He told TalkRADIO: “For you listeners, no matter where they are in the country if they have got right now the kettle turned on, the water heater through the gas heating their electricity, or just the faucet running water at their home.


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“The money that they are spending is being sent straight in the direction of China.

“There are two reasons why I think this is really serious, the first is as you say there is British taxpayers’ money here.

“They have not got a choice about who they pay electricity fees to it is still all going back to same universal generation network, same with gas, same with water.

“That money is all being sent off to China,” he added.

“But the second thing is that these are our critical national supplies, without these, the whole country literally shuts down.”

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