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Boris thought to delay reshuffle until summer in case PM receives further Partygate fines

NewsBoris thought to delay reshuffle until summer in case PM receives further Partygate fines

According to a source, Mr Johnson is likely to wait until June or July when he hopes the partygate saga will have been resolved, the Times has reported. While the Tories are expected to do poorly in today’s local elections there is no indication as yet that Mr Johnson will face a vote of confidence from his own party.

The Prime Minister has made it clear that he intends to fight and win the next General Election which is likely to be held in the summer of 2024.

Mr Johnson has made it clear that he won’t quit even if he receives more fines for lockdown breaking parties at Downing Street.

He has also given assurances that he will keep Chancellor Rishi Sunak in post despite their repeated clashes over public spending.

While Mr Sunak has outside of the worst of the Covid pandemic favoured fiscal restraint Mr Johnson has often argued for increased public spending.

The Prime Minister is conscious of retaining the “red wall” seats in the Midlands and the north, many of whom are traditional Labour seats that voted Conservative for the first time at the 2019 general election.

On a visit to Southampton, Mr Johnson said that he was “absolutely confident that we have the right agenda for the country”.

He said: “I have a big mandate to deliver.”

Asked if he would still be there at the next election, due in 2024 at the latest, Johnson said: “Of course. And I’m also very confident we will succeed at the next election.” 

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Mr Eustice told Today on BBC Radio 4: “We can’t borrow money, and throw more money to get people out of this difficulty, because it’s an inflationary environment.

“If on top of that we were to borrow more money and have that fiscal loosening and spend more money into that environment, there would be a real danger that inflation would start to spiral out of control.

“We can’t mitigate all of the impacts, otherwise we will feel even greater inflation . . . [and] there’s obviously a risk of interest rates rising, when inflation gets out of hand.”

Mr Eustice added that the Government had “a very clear package of measures to mitigate the impacts of those price rises, not removing them altogether”.

The Environment secretary also told Sky News that consumers could save money by sticking to “value brands” to save money.

He said: “We have a very, very competitive retail market with ten big supermarkets and the four main ones competing very aggressively, particularly on some of the lower-cost, everyday value items for households, so things like spaghetti and ambient products — there’s a lot of competition to keep prices down.

“Generally speaking, what people find is by going for some of the value brands rather than own-branded products — they can actually contain and manage their household budget.”

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