‘Brexit Island!’ German TV host in inaccurate rant at UK – 'Blame yourself!'

Gabi Kostorz claimed that Boris Johnson’s Government and the country’s media look “everywhere but with themselves” when trying to explain the current supply chain crisis. A shortage of HGV drivers, agricultural workers and service sector employees has led to shortages across the country.

It is widely accepted that there are a variety of reasons behind this – with Brexit often cited as one.

Ms Kostorz claimed that no-one in the UK would “mention the B-word” and instead looked for other spurious reasons to blame the country’s predicament on.

Her comments totally ignored the success that Brexit has brought the country, how other factors have affected the shortages and the UK’s sizable Rejoiner contingent who consistently harp on about leaving the bloc.

This includes numerous left-leaning newspapers and online publications – which have been accused of blaming everything on Brexit.

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This was only slightly more than the 22 percent in Poland, 21 percent in the Czech Republic and Spain’s 20 percent, according to the International Road Transport Organisation (IRU).

Ms Kostorz made no mention of this during the clip.

She said: “It’s been a while since we heard from Brexit Island.

“Now this – the army is preparing to deliver fuel. It sounds like a state in crisis but it’s being called a ‘precautionary measure’.

“Faced with rising anger at the petrol pumps the UK’s Transport Secretary said ‘don’t panic’.

“One’s tempted to say ‘you’ve only got to blame yourself’.

“This is what (Angela Merkel’s potential successor) Olaf Scholz told a UK journalist ‘we tried to talk you out of it but you decided otherwise’.

“Or Michel Barnier who praised the EU’s freedom of movement rightfully as a great asset.

“Now the British have to face the consequences.

“The UK is missing 100,000 lorry drivers. This is partly because of Covid but also it’s nationalist determination which led its government to send home mainly eastern European workers.

“There are also huge labour shortages in the agricultural sector.

“Short-term complicated visas won’t be enough to attract them back to the UK.

“But Brexit doesn’t feature in the search for reasons behind these shortages.

“Don’t mention the B-word.

“The UK Government and media look elsewhere for a cause – anywhere but themselves.”

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