Brexit LIVE: Austrian MEP blames Brexiteers for 'mess' in furious rant 'not fault of EU'

Austrian MEP Andreas Schieder, rapporteur for the Committee on Foreign Affairs, has absolved the EU of blame for current issues in the UK, and has instead blamed a poorly executed Brexit. 

He said:

 “We want to protect the integrity of the single market and we want to also protect the Good Friday Agreement and the peace in Northern Ireland, so whenever it comes to how we can make it easier, we said we will always be flexible.

“But we will not accept that we go over some red lines and one is the responsibility of the European Court and also, the European Court has nothing to do with the question of sausages, empty shelves in British supermarkets or other issues. So therefore, this is an ideological point of Brexit.

“At the beginning of all this Brexit mess, we always asked the UK government what kind of future relations they wanted and they never can give the answer.

“We see now the results of Brexit, it’s empty shelves in the supermarkets, no butchers in slaughterhouses, problems at the gas stations. 

“This is a direct result of a very very badly implemented Brexit by the Brexiteers and it’s not the fault of the European Union at all.”

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