Brexit LIVE: EU slows deal with 'unnecessary' demands – Gibraltar forced to act

There are two more rounds of scheduled talks concerning a deal between the UK and the EU on Gibraltar – one next week in Brussels and another in December.

There are hopes issues around goods and customs flowing between the British territory and Spain will be resolved then.

However, the Gibraltarian Government has opened up some of the underground space to keep goods should a deal not be reached.

The caverns – some of which are “the size of cathedrals” – would hold goods in case there are shortages coming through customs to the rock, and Gibraltarian goods making their way into the EU.

The European Commission sparked backlash in the summer, when it published draft agreement guidelines which appeared to contradict the agreement already reached between the UK and Spain.

It suggested that Spanish border officials would be stationed at Gibraltar airport and port rather than agents from the European Frontex.

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