Brexit LIVE: Rejoiners silenced by study showing fuel crisis not linked to UK exit from EU

Rejoiners have continued to claim Brexit has been the root cause of the fuel shortage engulfing the UK, which has seen huge queues at petrol stations. In the run-up to the current fuel shortage causing havoc across the country, deliveries in England only fell marginally – at the start of September, fuel deliveries fell by around 200 litres per filling station on average. according to In contrast, just months before fuel deliveries had fallen by considerably larger amounts.

But as more people became aware of the fuel shortage, the panic-buying frenzy increased significantly and just Just several weeks after the initial fall in supply, sales of petrol skyrocketed.

By Monday, September 20 panic-buying started to show signs of increasing, with sales surging by a third on that day alone while on the following Friday, sales jumped by nearly 80 percent as supply was unable to keep pace with demand.

However, just two weeks after the initial round of panic buying, the demand for buying fuel had already started to reduce, with stock levels starting to side throughout the UK.

At the start of this week, fuel stocks in Scotland had almost returned to pre=pandemic levels, up by nearly a third (35 percent) with Wales following at around 30 percent full.

Normally, fuel stations operate at around 45 to 50 per cent of capacity and in England, stock levels have recovered far faster in the north than anywhere else as the average filling station is now around a third of fuel only just below pre-fuel crisis levels.


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