Brexit LIVE: Smug Barnier tells Boris to be careful – 'it is too late for British people'

His comments come as Britain’s relationship with France hits rock bottom. France reacted with fury upon hearing of the Aukus pact between the UK, US and Australia which will see the countries work together to build nuclear-powered submarines. The new deal meant that Australia’s deal with France had to be abandoned and Emmanuel Macron withdrew French ambassadors from the US and Australia in a fit of rage while accusing the UK of betraying their trust.

Mr Barnier issued a stark warning on the issue: “An alliance needs trust and confidence… I recommend that the UK and the US, who are our allies, be careful and [bear in mind] the necessity for us to work together.”

Earlier this week, France vowed retaliatory measures after the UK and Jersey rejected a wave of French fishing boat applications for small fishing boats seeking to fish in British waters.

Paris accused London of playing politics with post-Brexit fishing rights and urged all European Union nations to band together to pressure the UK to allocate more fishing licences.

He warned fellow EU countries not to become like Brexit-Britain, saying: “It is too late for the British people, but it is not too late for us.”


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