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Brexit POLL: Do you think the UK will Rejoin the EU? VOTE HERE

Vote in our poll on whether the UK will one day rejoin the EU after the historic Brexit referendum in 2016. And let us know more about what you think by scrolling down to the comments section.

Our poll comes as many Remainers are pinning their hopes on rejoining the EU after desperate bids to stop Brexit failed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson struck a deal with Brussels on Christmas Eve, paving the way for the end of the transition period on December 31 – more than four years after the referendum.

But arch-Remainer Lord Adonis has insisted the country will be dragged back into the bloc.

Taking to Twitter, he praised Michel Barnier’s speech after he won the European of the Year award. Mr Barnier was the bloc’s chief negotiator during Brexit talks.

The Labour peer said: “Very good speech. The EU is Europe’s destiny and England will rejoin when our nation regains good leadership.”

Meanwhile, many Remainers have been flooding Twitter with the hashtag #RejoinEU.

In a tweet this morning, one said: “More than ever, we need to strengthen the #FBPE movement and work towards rejoining the EU again soon. #RejoinEU Let’s do this.”

Another posted: “#BrexitRedTape costs are crippling us! How about we #RejoinEU?”

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Mr Verhofstadt tweeted: “My ‘final’ word on Brexit.

“Democracy is a way to start anew, time and again. To change your mind, when facts change.

“Young generations will eventually find their way back to Europe…”

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