British couple wide-eyed after spotting big cat 'size of a Great Dane' – ‘It was amazing’

Tracey Brown claims she and her husband saw a puma-like creature jumping through a hedge during their drive home from an auction in the Forest of Dean. Mrs Brown, from Filton near Bristol, said: “I saw the body for a split second and the tail and the back of its paw.

She added: “My husband must have only seen it for two seconds and then when I looked back I could have only seen it for a second.

“I saw the back of it’s paw and it was jet black.

“The animal was pure black and I was just amazed at how big it was.”

The reported spotting comes as a wildlife detective claims he has been inundated with other supposed big cat sightings.

Mr Tunbridge has also called on other people who believe to have seen a ‘British Big Cat’ to get in touch.

“Please contact me at [email protected] if you have more exciting encounters to forward to me,” he said.

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