Britons furious as France declares Brexit WAR on Britain – vows to block Channel Tunnel

France has accused Britain of playing politics with fishing rules after only granting licences to 12 out of 47 applications that would allow small French boats to fish in British territorial waters. French government spokesman Gabriel Attal has branded Britain’s decision “unacceptable” in the subsequent diplomatic fall-out.

French fishermen could block the Channel Tunnel linking France and the United Kingdom in protest over the allocation of post-Brexit fishing licences, French member of parliament Jean-Pierre Pont has threatened.

But Britons have hit back at the fishermen claiming they have “trawled” British waters illegally for decades. reader, Alchemy1, commented: “Oh great! After you’ve blocked the Channel Tunnel could you do the same to the Channel itself.”

The Dancer also wrote: “UK waters, so if the EU French come in and take fish, that is theft.

“See you in court.”

Another reader, London Town, commented: “That’s good news, France throwing their toys out of their pram just because they can’t get their own way.

“Close the Tunnel for good as it will go bust very soon.”

Soppy Steve wrote: “Block it, and you will make a lot of Brexiteers happy.”

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“Now the French are fond of telling us we signed up to the NI Protocol and we must abide by it yet refuse to abide by the agreement THEY signed over fishing and it seems to me that we have a very weak-kneed PM at the helm and he just bows to them which I think I can say disgusts us all.”

Another reader, Liverpoolguy, wrote: “GO Boris resign now you are not fit for office you do not fulfil the Brexit process.

“You let the EU walk all over you and you have let our UK fishermen down.

“You, Boris, are only in the Job for your ego.

“Time and time again I read these articles and the EU win every time.”

A Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spokesman said: “Almost 1,700 EU vessels licences have now been licensed to fish in UK waters.

“Of these, 117 licences have been issued for EU vessels to fish in the 6-12 nautical mile zone where supporting evidence of a track record was available.

“There are thirty-five smaller vessels which did not have supporting evidence where licences have not been issued but where the UK government remains open to further discussion and evidence.

“117 EU vessels given access to UK’s exclusive zone as part of Brexit deal.”

The move angered Tory Brexiteer Sir John Redwood who said: “The UK was wrong to give the EU more transitional fishing rights and has been very generous in allowing so many vessels into our waters.

“The EU does not reciprocate when we are generous but instead makes nasty threats.”

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