Britons inspired by TV shows to take to the skies – but two factors are holding them back

Britons up and down the country have been found to want more adventure in their lives after almost two years suck at home. But they also believed they didn’t match the profile of “an adventurous person”, stopping them from taking the plunge.

And seeing others be adventurous on social media was a big encouragement for 38 percent of respondents.

But these shows, and comparing themselves to others, may also be a problem for Britons who seem to believe adventure is out of reach.

Britons don’t need to fit the adrenaline junkie mould to inject a little bit of thrill into their lives.

When asked what adventure meant to them, 47 percent of Britons answered it was “as simple as stepping outside your comfort zone”.


A quarter also believes saying “yes” to new things counted, while 10 percent thought it was about ticking things off their bucket lists.

Britons, however, were found to be unsure about their own capacities for adventure.

Why are Britons not going on more adventures?

For 48 percent of respondents, it was lacking confidence that stopped them.

This explained why 27 percent of Britons said they would be more inclined to try an adventurous activity if they could do it with friends.

And 21 percent would jump in if they knew they would be good at it.

Age was also a factor, with 42 percent believing they were too old.

Britons were also asked what activities were top of their adventure’s list.

It was hot air ballooning that came top, followed by trying new foods and learning how to fly.

Chris Logan, managing director of Crystal Ski Holidays said: “It’s wonderful to see that taking an evening class or eating something different can be an adventure too.

“It goes to show there’s no such thing as a typical adventurer, and whether it’s taking to the mountains or cooking up a new menu, anyone can try something new and inject a little adventure into their lives”.

Top 10 adventure bucket list activities

1. Hot air ballooning

2. Trying new foods and recipes

3. Learning to fly

4. Hiking and mountain walking

5. Solo trips

6. Open water swimming

7. Surfing

8. Gliding

9. Evening classes

10. Skiing

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