Brussels on the ropes: Frost set for Brexit showdown as Eurosceptic revolt inside EU grows

Nigel Farage has said that Lord Frost’s speech next week where he will demand “significant change” to the Northern Ireland Protocol comes at a crunch time for Brussels. Lord Frost is expected to use a speech in Lisbon on Tuesday to say that the EU must go further than lifting its ban on British sausages to resolve the standoff. This coincides with growing anti-EU sentiment in Italy, Poland and France.

Lord Frost is also expected to call for a significant change in the role of the European Court of Justice in the Brexit agreement.

The rule of EU law has been at the centre of controversy this week after a Polish court challenged the supremacy of EU law on Friday, triggering fears of ‘Polexit’.

Adding to Brussels’ headache, Eric Zemmour, a rising favourite for French presidential candidacy, urged France to follow Poland by fighting back against EU control. 

Mr Zemmour, who is second in several polls, backed the Polish court’s decision, saying that France must do the same.

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He said: “In France, we must draw all the conclusions from this attempted federalist coup d’état.

“France must stop foreign institutions imposing their policies and their ideology.

“It is time to give French law back its primacy over European law.”

GB News host and Tory MP Dehenna Davison said: “The EU is using Northern Ireland as a scapegoat.”

Former Northern Ireland first minister Arlene Foster said that there are “more checks in Northern Ireland than if you were coming to the EU from India, it is incredible”.

She said: “The tone and language used in relation to the Polish judgment last week was incredible. It was very hectoring, that they must do what they are told, instead of working together to find solutions.

“It has been the same case with Northern Ireland, they lecture people who live there.

“If the EU know that Lord Frost will not back down, maybe we will see some sense prevail. We need to get it sorted out.”

During his speech, Lord Frost is expected to say endless negotiation is not an option and that London will need to act using the Article 16 safeguard mechanism if solutions cannot be agreed rapidly, according to extracts of his speech released by his office on Saturday.

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