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Café owner's disgust as tourist brands all locals 'inherently lazy' in rude rant

NewsCafé owner's disgust as tourist brands all locals 'inherently lazy' in rude rant

Chris Dixon, owner of Holy Mackerel Café in Helford, Cornwall, said the man became angry and “demanded” to be served when he was told the kitchen had finished for the day. The guest then launched a “mad rant” about Cornish people, calling them “too inherently lazy to work”.

Chris was furious but admitted it wasn’t the first time he’s been verbally abused in his own business, reports Cornwall Live.

The café owner said: “We closed the kitchen at 3pm and the man and his partner came in just after, asking for food. When we explained that kitchen was already closed, he started asking us to have whatever he could see was cooking in the oven behind us but that was for another customer who had already ordered it.

“When we refused to serve him, he got increasingly annoyed before going on a mad rant about Cornish people. He first asked me if I was Cornish and when I said no and asked him if he was he scoffed and said absolutely not. Then he said that Cornish people are so poor because they are too inherently lazy to work and said that Londoners like him keep the Cornish alive.

“After the guy finished his mad rant at us, he stropped off.”

Domestic tourism, especially in Cornwall, saw a huge spike last summer due to travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, but this led to similar cases of rude and selfish behaviour. 

Chris fears it’ll repeat itself this year, with summer bookings for accommodation in the county reaching capacity by September last year.

He said: “I couldn’t believe how rude he was to us, it’s just going to be another year of it for us but we don’t want it again. People come down to Cornwall expecting it to be open 24/7 but we’re not Benidorm, we’re in Helford which is a small village.

“We get abuse from people at least once a week but not as bad as that man. I don’t want another repeat of it, it’s too early in the season.”

Writing on Facebook, he said: “Calling all Cornish businesses. This man abused us in the café today barking that “All Cornish are inherently lazy and that they need Londoners like him to even survive without them we are nothing.

“Tell him how you feel about this if he wants to eat or be served in your establishment apparently visits Cornwall a lot and should be treated better? We were closed and obviously didn’t serve him.”

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