Camilla praised for her visit to donkey hospital in Cairo – 'Amazing to have her here'

Prince Charles and his wife have been on a royal tour which included a few days in Jordan followed by a trip to Egypt. In Cairo, the Duchess was photographed in a veterinary hospital specialising in donkeys and horses.

The royal last visited the structure known as the Brooke charity in 2006, when she accepted the role of president of the hospital.

Abeer Shennawy, Brooke’s CEO, said: “It’s something really amazing that we have her here after a lot of time – 15 years since she joined us before. Every member of the team is really excited.”

Camilla was invited to officially open the refurbished hospital as the facility shares a deep connection with the UK.

In 1931, the wife of an Army officer was so horrified to find Britain’s loyal war horses working into old age on the streets of Egypt that she wrote to the Morning Post pleading with its readers for help.

The result was £20,000 in donations and a refuge for 5,000 of those horses saved from suffering and ending their lives in peace.

The picture and name of Dorothy Brooke, a Major General’s wife, are still on the wall.

Today, the Old War Horse Memorial Hospital is known as Brooke and has four facilities and 28 mobile vet units in Egypt.

It provides free care for around 160,000 injured and sick donkeys and horses, most of which are brought in by owners who cannot afford to treat them.

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Camilla told the donkey: “You poor thing, well you are in good hands.”

While she was meeting with the animal sanctuary staff and animals, her husband was attending a meeting of his Sustainable Markets Initiative.

Speaking at the end of the tour, the Duchess said she and the Prince may have been “photographed against the pyramids like tourists,” but are still “trying to make a difference.”

She said: “We’re not on holiday.”

“We might be dressed up and photographed against the pyramids like tourists, but we’re not on holiday.

“We’re working for the government and country and we are trying to make a difference.”

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