Campers share tips for Christmas camping – ‘water would freeze in the container’

Outdoorsy Britons may have spent the summer camping all over the country, but it doesn’t need to stop with the winter months. On social media, adventurous Britons are planning their Christmas and New Year’s camping trip and sharing tips.

Karen Burton said: “I’ve camped in December.

“We cook on electric and obviously in winter we have a heater. I’ve been camping all my life.”

Christine Roche wrote: “I love my backpacking tent and have used it all year round – without heater of course – and several times between Christmas and New Year.”

Elin Howells said: “Absolutely you can go all year, just need to make sure you’re properly prepared.


“A foil backed camping mat between you and the floor, 3/4 season sleeping bag, warm pyjamas, woolly hat, small tent, campfire in the evening.”

Jo Clarke said: “As long as you are prepared, go for it. We even camped in our garden in January during lockdown. Best night’s sleep I’d had in ages, the air was wonderful.”

Jean Louise wrote: “Latest I’ve been is Halloween, this year we have booked for new year. The site allows fire pits so hoping it will be enjoyable and not stuck inside all day.”

Laetitia Hogan, however, had some important questions.

Elsewhere, Britons were discussing Christmas camping.

Hannah Raven wrote: “We did between Christmas and new year once, it was lovely. Went up to Yorkshire, only problem was the water would freeze in the water container.”

Claire Elizabeth Phenna said: “We went away at NYE it was fabulous. Great atmosphere. Our caravan was warm and cosy not cold at all.”

Ali Son said: “I think it’d have to be a van rather than tent. Not sure I’m brave enough to tent it.”

And Catrin Archer agreed: “In a caravan yes, in a tent, hell no.”


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