Canada election result: Justin Trudeau left red faced after power grab gamble fails

Although Mr Trudeau, 49, won the election, his Liberal party only managed to secure 157 seats. That share is the same number his party won in 2019 and is 13 short of the required 170 for a majority in the House of Commons. This means he will continue as a minority leader of the country. 

Mr Trudeau had hoped to gain a majority by announcing plans for an early election in August in the hopes he could increase his share of seats by 15. 

Indeed, early results stated the Conservative party won 121 seats and remain the official Opposition. 

leftist New Democrats won 29, the Quebec-based Bloc Québécois were down three seats to 28, and the Greens remained at two seats. 

All results are the same number the parties won in 2019. 

This is a developing story, more to follow…

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