Canopy & Stars: Wagon glamping in an area of outstanding natural beauty – UK getaway

On a busy Friday afternoon, I packed up my MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid for my two hour drive out of the city. Not only did the MINI have a huge boot for all my luggage, it’s electric range is anything from 29.2 to 31.7 miles, meaning my journey to Suffolk emitted fewer emissions along the way. Having never driven a hybrid car before, I was unsure what to expect, but I was far from disappointed.

The puddle lights, which helped me to see where I was standing, were perfect for the time of evening when I was arriving in the countryside.

Canopy & Stars offers holidaymakers a collection of unique, creative places to stay in the outdoors, giving a genuine experience of being at one with nature.

That’s exactly how I felt when I got out of my MINI and headed for my accommodation.

After a short walk to my accommodation for the next two nights, I was greeted with Coppins Farm’s Maroon Fairground Wagon.

Set in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, Coppins Farm consists of 150 acres of woodland, wetland and wild flower meadows.

With daily sightings of deer, badgers and different species of birds, visitors can even come up close and feed the badgers with peanuts.

The wagon itself was set in its own secluded garden overlooking fields and the valley.

Exploring the surrounding areas, I hopped in my MINI and headed to have a look around Colchester, a historic town in Essex.

I drove the whole way on electric, which felt incredible and super quiet.

It was also great to know I wasn’t contributing to CO2 emissions.

The switch between petrol and eDrive was also super smooth.

Coppins Farm’s Maroon Fairground Wagon is priced from £275 for two nights in October.

MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid is priced from £34,500. For more information, visit THE MINI COUNTRYMAN PLUG-IN HYBRID | MINI UK

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