‘Can’t stop talking about her!’ Kristen Stewart lays bare truths of portraying Diana

Spencer the biopic on Princess Diana is set for release for November 5 2021, it follows the story of the royal family at Sandringham House when Princess Diana decided to leave Prince Charles in 1991.

Kristen Stewart has spoken about playing Princess Diana in the upcoming film ‘Spencer’, she said: “I’ve been asked a lot about whether or not it’s cool to try and tell someone’s story when they’re not around and somebody who was already so sort of invaded and taken from.”

She added: “We really don’t profess to know anything or present any new information.

“We can’t stop talking about her.

“My hope is that because we made it so personal.”

Emma Corrin portrayed Princess Diana in Netflix’s series about the Royal Family, The Crown.

Kristen Stewart has spoken about Emma’s portrayal of Princess Diana in TV show.

She told Entertainment Weekly: “I think [actress Emma Corrin] did a really beautiful job.”

She added: “I mean, not to say that my opinion matters at all, but I loved her in it, truly.”

Emma Corrin told Deadline Diana’s life should be celebrated: “I think it’s wonderful, it’s just great, because obviously [Diana] should be celebrated, and actually, I think it’s so interesting to see so many different portrayals of her.”

She hopes different actors will “be bringing out different nuances of her and different aspects of her story.”

In October another depiction of Princess Diana was released when Diana the musical was released on Netflix.

The new musical based on the life of Princess Diana was dropped on Netflix before its premiere on Broadway.

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Diana The Musical was due to open in New York in March 2020 but was forced to abandon its plans due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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