Caravan holiday: It’s possible to have a green road trip say experts

A holiday home on wheels may be a fantastic way to see the country, but it’s not the most environmentally friendly way to travel. The experts at Indie Campers have good news for eco-conscious Britons who wish to go on a road trip, it’s possible to lessen their impact and still enjoy their caravan holiday.

To make their holiday as eco-friendly as possible, caravanning Britons can follow the nine following tips. 

1. Keep the vehicle light

The heavier the vehicle, the more petrol it will use.

To keep consumption low, Britons should choose a van that meets their space needs, nothing bigger.

“Don’t feel compelled to size up” said Indie Campers.

In the same vein, keep your packing light and stick to the essentials.

The environment, and your wallet, will be grateful.

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Francisco Pereira of Indie Campers said: “When your journey involves driving, there is going to be a certain level of environmental impact, but there are also a number of ways to minimise it that you might not have thought of.”

2. Reusable containers

Reusable water bottles, coffee cups, shopping bags and takeaway containers aren’t just handy in day to day life, they’re great on the road too.

Road trippers can refill as they go, cutting down on single use plastic on their holiday.

3. Turn off the engine

It was previously thought it was better to leave the engine running when stopping for a short time, but it’s no longer the case with modern day campers.

To cut emissions, Britons should cut the engine off whenever they stop, even if it’s just for a quick picture.


4. Stay on the road

Going off-roading may sound like the best way to discover hidden gems, but it can take its toll on the environment.

Fragile ecosystems can be destroyed quite easily if driven over.

Off the beaten track gems are best explored on foot.

5. Pick up after yourself

This seems to go without saying, but unfortunately, litter is still too often seen all over beauty spots up and down the country.

Likewise, Britons should make sure they empty their wastewater tank and toilet unit at designated disposable facilities.

Shopping local is a great excuse to go on a brewery tour, vineyard tour or spend an afternoon sampling cheeses.

9. Offset

For Britons who really want to help the environment, there is the option of offsetting their trips.

Several organisations will help road trippers calculate their emissions and help them offset it.

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