Channel ferry rescues 'sinking' migrant vessel as one drowns trying to reach UK shores

A 30-year-old asylum seeker died and one is now missing after they both tried to cross the Channel to the UK from France on Wednesday according to French officials. Since 1999, more than 300 migrants have died in similar circumstances, including 36 children according to The Institute of Race Relations.

Thankfully, another makeshift boat with people on board was saved by the ferry the Isle of Inishmore who spotted them in distress.

The crew threw a rope to a small boat that had run out of fuel and was being propelled by a man with a paddle.

As reported by the Times, at about 10.45am, the ferry’s captain addressed the regular passengers saying: “Apologies for the delay but we had to stop and rescue 13 migrants in distress whose boat had run out of fuel and was sinking.”

The crew then brought back the migrants they rescued to France.

French authorities claim they saved more than 400 refugees between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning thanks to the National Society of Sea Rescue.

Among them was the person who died while onboard a small ship with 39 other passengers according to Sébastien Piève, prosecutor of Dunkirk.

More than 500 migrants are believed to have reached the UK yesterday, including a group of more than a dozen who were chanting “I love the UK” and “Yay, the UK is good” as they were ferried to Dover on an RNLI rescue boat.

Natalie Elphicke, the Conservative MP for Dover, said: “It says something when a ferry has more success taking migrants back to France than the French authorities.”

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3,500 were “rescued with difficulty” in the water he said and brought back to French shores.

In 2020, those attempts only concerned around 9,500 people.

Back in 2019 and 2018 it was respectively only 2,300 migrants and 600 migrants.

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